Polka Dot Nails – Fine Adviser

Polka dot nails are a stylish alternative to more traditional two-toned fingernails. The bright, vivid stripes are a beautiful way to enhance any fingernail and can be worn with almost anything. They’re the perfect addition to any polished fingernail, whether they’re a neutral grey or a soft pink. Polka dot fingernails also look great with silver jewellery, although this combination doesn’t work too well for those with silver-blue eyes – it tends to make the eyes look blue! For a really fantastic look, however, we suggest wearing your polka dot nails in conjunction with some basic black eye-wear – either a black veil with a small black bow or some elegant, black silhouette glasses.

Маникюр омбре: идеи модных ногтей

Polka dots aren’t just made for fingernails, though. In fact, here another type of polka dot that has gained popularity recently – textured acrylic nails, which look great when worn with denim and other casual clothes. When you pair them with skin-tight jeans, they emphasise the slimming effect of the denim, and look especially good around the waistline. When worn with skirts and top hats, the textured acrylic look can also look fabulous with glitzy, metallic jewellery – the glitter will add an extra hint of sparkle to your outfit.

As with fingernails, textured acrylics work best with synthetic fibres, so don’t choose one with real cotton. We prefer a white acrylic nail polish for our legs, since the white backdrop looks really neat when worn on legs. Choose a textured paint hue that suits both your tastes and your everyday dressing style. This will allow you to experiment until you find the right look for yourself!

Polka dots are available in several different sizes, but the most popular type of dot is the ‘onaise’ or quarter-sized dot, which is available in a wide variety of colours. The larger the size, the more colours you can choose (there are no ‘white spaces’ between each colour – they always appear in just one colour!). You can use a tiny square of this for very small prints or even a lining for your formal dress! There are also several other types of polka dot, including plain, highlighted and blended patches.

As with fingernails, the biggest problem with polka dots is that people often cut them too short – usually too short to meet the natural eye length. However, this problem can be overcome quite easily! Simply elongate each bar by adding about half an inch, or even more, so that they reach or exceed the eye-length limit. To make it look even better, top them off with nail art (such as tiny rubber stamps) and/or barbells (a barbell made of a strip of metal with a series of flat spots along its length).

Polka dots are definitely a great way to jazz up your look! They add instant character to any outfit and, as we have already seen, are a great way to add subtle variation to your finger and toe nails. As with fingernails, however, you should be careful not to cut them too short. Polka dots will only look as good as they are – a little on the long side is fine but don’t go overboard and your outfit will lack the ‘wow’ factor!

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